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We offer a range of services from website development to graphic design and photography with the aim of giving your business a better online presence.


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We are a group of driven and enthusiastic persons who enjoy tackling a new project.


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We are a small team, made up of web developers, designers and a photographer based in Chicago city ready to work hard to help you grow your business. During university we realised that many people had great small business ideas, but were unable to grow their business because they couldn’t take advantage of the most powerful resource. THE INTERNET.


Thus AXSmodern was born. Our goal at AXSmodern, like the name suggests is to give you access to the modern world. Today the modern world exists in the virtual online world. If your business isn’t apart of it then you won’t get very far. Fear not, because AXSmodern provides kickass services to build your business online! From building custom websites, to branding your identity with smart designs and even photography services that capture your business in the best light.   



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